Richard Britton
International Capital Markets and their Regulation
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In May Richard chaired a panel at Mondeo Visione Exchange Forum 08 on 'MiFID. Reg NMS and Trans-Atlantic Cooperation'
In May Richard spoke on a panel at the International Capital Market Association AGM on the 'Competitiveness of Europe's
Capital Markets post MiFID'
In April Richard chaired a panel of senior practitioners at a Joint Vienna Institute workshop on the use of derivatives in
Emerging Markets  
In June Richard spoke at a conference in London on the 'Process of Best Execution in Fixed Income Markets'
In March Richard spoke at the  8th Annual Finance Dublin Conference on 'The Trans-Atlantic Dialogue - is it a win-win
initiative for capital markets?'  
In February Richard spoke at a conference in London for investment managers on the topic 'How to satisfy FSA
requirements on best execution'  
In January Richard spoke at the British Bankers Association Annual Fixed Income Conference on
'Transparency - Lessons from the United States'